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Pernilla Wiberg Hotel is situated on Idre Fjäll which is a complete mountain resort.

Idre Fjäll is one of Sweden's largest ski resorts, and as a guest at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel you stay on the sunny south slope of Idre Fjäll.
A big advantage is that you have walking and sliding distance to everything from slopes and service centres to restaurants and shops.

Wintertime we offer a variety of skiing in all directions. This means that you can always be on solar or leeward side and you always have many slopes to choose from. If you would rather go cross-country skiing you can choose from 62 km well-prepared scenic trails.

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Summertime Idre Fjäll offers as many experiences as in winter. You can discover the mountains in a convenient and accessible way on foot, on a horseback, with a golf club or fishing rod in your hand.

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Pernilla Wiberg Hotel

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