Our rooms

A stay in a hotel should be confortable in every aspect. Staying at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel you are close to the slope, activities, ski rental and restaurants.

The rooms, as well as the lounge, are designed by Pernilla herself in warm, soft coulors.
Adjacent to the rooms on the 2nd floor is a shared ski storage room with direct access to the slope.

Every room has telephone, TV, internet point (cable available at the reception), bathroom with shower, WC and drying cupboard.

Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

There are 44 rooms on 4 floors accessible with stairs or elevator.

Pernilla Wiberg Hotel

Box 202, SE-790 91 Idre​

Phone booking: +46 (0)253-59 30 00

Phone reception: +46 (0)253-59 30 65

Email booking: bokning@pernillawiberghotel.se

Email reception: info@pernillawiberghotel.se

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