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A top class mountain hotel
with a personal touch

Stretch out on a freshly made bed and enjoy the mountain air at
Pernilla Wiberg Hotel. One of the mountain world's cosiest hotel, perfectly situated on the southern slope at Idre Fjäll. The hotel is built in a Scandinavian style with lots of wood and stone in genuine mountain design and furnished by Pernilla Wiberg herself. She also has some of her prizes in the lounge.

At Pernilla Wiberg Hotel you have every chance to enjoy authentic mountain life, comfortable accommodation and good food all the year round. There are also well equipped conference facilities and an inviting relax area.

conference at
Pernilla Wiberg Hotel

To meet to weld together a group, go through the work or pull up new guidelines for the business is an important task for companies and organizations. To do this in a different environment is a part of the experience.

Call: +46 (0) 253 412 00

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Pernilla Wiberg Hotel

Box 202, SE-790 91 Idre​

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